Netpigs new site

Netpigs, our first and older turn-strategy game, has now its own site and is not hosted inside GPOR. The new Netpigs comes with some new interesting features, such as new maps!
Go and try it!

Battle Runes, Facebook game

The beginning of 2012 has been really funny and interesting. We started to collaborate with Torbak Games on the development of a Facebook game. Battle Runes is a multiplayer game where up to 8 people will fight against each other casting spells through the use of runes.
Here's a little video of what we've done so far:

Upcoming project: Pompeius

Hello everyone!
It 's my first blog post.

I am Francesco Pampaloni (pampa) and unlike Matteo (MED) i focused on jQuery and i worked all the time on a browser game with two aims: to create a multiplayer strategy game that was not the usual city-with-preset-slots + research + army, and, from a technical standpoint, to make a browser game playable in a single interactive page, as if it were a client, by making heavy use of ajax requests while trying to optimize the requests to the server, and especially to the database.

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