Battle Runes, Facebook game

The beginning of 2012 has been really funny and interesting. We started to collaborate with Torbak Games on the development of a Facebook game. Battle Runes is a multiplayer game where up to 8 people will fight against each other casting spells through the use of runes.
Here's a little video of what we've done so far:

HTML5 and iPad

In the last few days i went back to my little HTML5 engine that i used for a contest this summer, resolved a pair of bugs and made a little game to test if it works well, ora at last decently, on Safari mobile on an iPad (version one).
Many people say that the iPad is a good platform for card games, so i made a classic solitaire card game!

Alakrom map editor in action

In the last weeks we moved Alakrom on a new server, corrected many bugs, but the most interesting thing has been the map editor. Thanks to the new map editor we don't need to write maps "by hand" anymore, so probably you'll se many more maps in the future :)
Here's a video preview of the map editor:

HTML5 game: Shutting Down

During the last month, in the free time (what?!?) between a debugging session on Alakrom and the new match visualizer for Foosball Manager, we experimented a bit more with Html5 and the Canvas element.

Alakrom first video

We have a working version of alakrom, there are only 4 unit types, one map and some works! Here's a video of a "live" match between the two Splashgrapes guys, only some turns, not the entire game, just to show you how it's working. Enjoy!

Back to work on Alakrom

The development of Alakrom was stopped some time ago, but now we finally have time to work on it again. The server code is almost finished, it's just a matter of debugging. The client side code is working too, it uses the nice MooTools javascript library to show off things and handle user input. There's no need for Flash plugin.

We're now trying to find a good graphic style for the game. We'll leave you for now with a screenshot of the game as it is now: